LinkedIn Marketing In Nepal 2024

LinkedIn Marketing In Nepal 2024

Have a look at these questions: Are You on LinkedIn? Is Your company on LinkedIn? If not, better start today because LinkedIn popularity in Nepal has grown tremendously and if you are trying to establish your presence digitally, then this is the best place.

LinkedIn Marketing in Nepal is a new trend of marketing. Most of the companies in Nepal have already started marketing campaigns on LinkedIn. While some do it distinctively without any knowledge on how to do it properly, some do it properly. LinkedIn is a social networking platform. It started with a purpose of Job Search and Recruiting while providing an opportunity for people to expand their networking and professionalism.

But as we know, every company needs financial backup to sustain. LinkedIn now relies on their special attribute “LinkedIn Marketing” where companies and people can pay LinkedIn for promoting their posts or posting vacancies. And not only this, LinkedIn has other built in feature where you can pay LinkedIn for getting featured among recruiters.

So, before starting, lets answer few questions that most people ask related to Linkedin marketing in Nepal.

  • How to use LinkedIn for Marketing?
    The answer is simple. You can update your company page or profile and start expanding the followers or professional network and start the content marketing strategy by sharing great contents which carry marketing value.
  • Is there LinkedIn Marketing In Nepal?
    Yes, there is LinkedIn marketing in Nepal but most of the companies don’t go for the paid linkedin marketing campaigns considering the audience, they rather go for organic marketing campaigns.
  • How effective is LinkedIn Marketing In Nepal?
    Linkedin marketing is very effective in Nepal as there are more than 700k Linkedin users in Nepal.
  • How popular is Linkedin In Nepal?
    Linkedin is very popular in Nepal because many students are starting to use Linkedin for their career pathway while most professional people and companies are already there on Linkedin.
  • How many LinkedIn users are there in Nepal?
    Well, according to the Napoleancat, there are 906,300 Linkedin users in Nepal as of May, 2021.
  • Is Linkedin Marketing in Nepal effective?
    Yes, Linkedin marketing is very effective in Nepal as there are there are linkedin users of all age groups. According to statscounter, the majority of linkedin users in Nepal are from age groups from 18-55.



So, now than, after answering and learning about these few questions, lets see how to do linkedin marketing or how you can step into Linkedin Marketing. Basic practices of linkedin marketing in nepal:

  1. Create Your Linkedin Profile / Page
    The easiest of steps where you can simply create your profile and input all the contents (Images, Graphics, Text etc)
  2. Invite your connections to like you page
    The first challenge is here. You will have a tough time growing your audience initially as Linkedin audience are specifically aware about the use of linkedin platform and they don’t want to see more of a company updates rather than professional updates. Thus, invite only your connections and give them a reason on why they should follow your profile or page.
  3. Start sharing contents
    Share contents which carry value. Rather than promotion of your products or services, start by sharing contents which people will engage, tell stories rather than promoting your business. Share contents which will be relevant to the audience. For eg: “Share your company culture”, “Message from your directors etc”
  4. Find you audience, proper target and Go for Sponsored Ads
    You than need a linkedin campaign to build your connections. Run a campaign in phases where you will talk about your company and ask people to get connected with them. Once you have decent followers you can than start promoting your brand, services and contents.
  5. Use group, hashtags and share your contents
    Linkedin is widely known for their use of hashtags and recommendations. Create a culture to start sharing your contents with the use of right hashtags and share them with the groups that are relevant.
  6. Share regular vacancies, company updates etc for added benefits
    By doing so, you will be giving an opportunity for people on linkedin to be a part of your organization and that will create a huge awareness in the linkedin community about your company. Once you start practicing this, you will start receiving followers automatically as they wish to get the regular vacancies and updates about your company.So, what now? You must be wondering that it looks more of a job and employment platform rather than marketing platform.
    Yes, this is it. But wait, after putting all these efforts you deserve some reward. Now is the most significant part where you will need to identify your business nature.
  7. Is it B2B?
    Then, simply start searching for the companies that might purchase your service. Connect with them and setup a meeting or even setup a demo. (Since you already have a strong company profile on linkedin, they will most likely trust you) Boom, there you go. You have a shot and now it all depends upon your business meeting.
  8. Is it B2C?
    Easy as it can be, identify the audiences of your profile/page. Start promoting the value your product/service brings.

So, we have learnt that Linkedin is a professional network. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot market your company. I would rather say, it is a multi purpose platform. You get to build your Brand, promote your services and connect with the Potential Businesses or Customers. You just need to use it wisely.

Since, this is just a new beginning in linkedin marketing in nepal, more ideas and concepts will generalize over time on LinkedIn. I have seen few companies/ institutes like Ace College, Neosphere doing the LinkedIn Marketing efficiently.

So, hope you gained some valuable insights on LinkedIn marketing in Nepal. If you are still confused or planning to start LinkedIn marketing in Nepal, simply click here for a free marketing counselling session with me. I will help you with a great LinkedIn marketing strategy.

And not only LinkedIn marketing, for all the brand, marketing and strategy solutions, I will help you out. With 7+ years of experience in digital marketing, I have helped businesses and startups reach next level. I have also trained 320 students till date related to different aspects of digital marketing.

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