Hitting the right target is what Digital Marketing is all about

Lets See the Success Story of IPRO Nepal

a20 mini

The major Objectives were to establish the Brand & Maximize Sales (Piled up stocks)

Major Challenges

A Chinese Brand
(Needed to change the perception of people)

Lower margin in unit sales

Target audience definition
(As the possible target audience were the very lower income holders – hardly able to afford internet accessible devices)

The Winning Approach


A 3-Phase Campaign (B-P-R)

Brand Awareness

Product Campaign

Remarketing & Promotion

The Approach

– BTL Campaigns
– Target Audience & Content Strategy
(Niche + Corporate / Video Contents + PPC Focused)
– Promotional Remarketing Campaigns
– Targeted Bulk Sales rather than units leading to Dealers & Service center networks all over Nepal
– From 1 Dealers to 23 dealers and service centers all over Nepal in a span of 6 months
– A ROI of 79.17% (Length of 6 months)
– Immediate need was to clear stocks & maximize sales while organic building was a secondary objective to be started after maintaining a consistent ROI

Lets See the Success Story of JoinEight.Ai

The major Objectives were to rank different pages and keywords.

Major Challenges

High Keyword Competition

Poor Site Structuring

No Branding At All

The Winning Approach


Complete SEO Strategy

Website Redesign

Content Optimization

4 Phases Of SEO

The Approach

– Re-designing website with new layout
– Content re-written and re-optimized along with keyword targeting
– Indexing & Crawling
– Fixing Technical Issues which included JS, CSS, Page Size etc.
– Targeted keywords with low competition
– Built page authority around those keywords
– 4-months consistent Link Building Strategy which included International PR
– 50+ Blogs Written
– Keyword Ranking Improved
– Started generating Organic Leads
– BOOM! 

Lets See the Success Story of Mobilemandu

success story of mobilemandu- one of best online electronics store in nepal

The major Objectives was to establish the brand and increase brand awareness.

Major Challenges


Brand Identity


Similar Existing Market 

The Winning Approach



Brand Awareness

Website Redesign

SEO Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Paid Advertising

The Approach

– Redesigned website

– Content rewritten and optimized with targeted keywords

– Content strategy following brand guidelines

– Remarketing and promotion campaign using paid ads

– Meme marketing 

– Keyword ranking improved

Lets Collaborate and Bring the best out of each other

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Brand & Marketing Consulting


Training Sessions

Some Companies That I have Collaborated Or Worked with

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