Hitting the right target is what Digital Marketing is all about

Lets See a Success Story of IPRO Nepal

a20 mini

The major Objectives were to establish the Brand & Maximize Sales (Piled up stocks)

Major Challenges


A Chinese Brand
(Needed to change the perception of people)

Lower margin in unit sales

Target audience definition
(As the possible target audience were the very lower income holders – hardly able to afford internet accessible devices)

The Winning Approach


A 3-Phase Campaign (B-P-R)

Brand Awareness

Product Campaign

Remarketing & Promotion

The Approach

– BTL Campaigns
– Target Audience & Content Strategy
(Niche + Corporate / Video Contents + PPC Focused)
– Promotional Remarketing Campaigns
– Targeted Bulk Sales rather than units leading to Dealers & Service center networks all over Nepal
– From 1 Dealers to 23 dealers and service centers all over Nepal in a span of 6 months
– A ROI of 79.17% (Length of 6 months)
– Immediate need was to clear stocks & maximize sales while organic building was a secondary objective to be started after maintaining a consistent ROI

Lets See a Success Story of JoinEight.Ai

The major Objectives were to rank different pages and keywords.

Major Challenges


High Keyword Competition

No Sitemaps & Not indexed

No Branding At All

The Winning Approach


Complete SEO Strategy

Website Redesign

Content Optimization

4 Phases Of SEO

The Approach

– Re-designing website with new layout
– Content re-written and re-optimized along with keyword targeting
– Indexing & Crawling
– Fixing Technical Issues which included JS, CSS, Page Size etc.
– Targeted keywords with low competition
– Built page authority around those keywords
– 4-months consistent Link Building Strategy which included International PR
– 50+ Blogs Written
– Keyword Ranking Improved
– Started generating Organic Leads
– BOOM! 

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