AI marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing 2024

AI Marketing – Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

The “Next BIG”​ Player in Digital Marketing. The “Technology”​ and “Marketing”​ comes together.

Let’s start by seeing what AI Marketing does to your business: 

– Conversion of a potential customer into a “customer”

– Improve “Customer Service”

– Improvise the user experience

– Increase Customer Engagement and many more…

Now then, chatbots seem to be the first widely-recognized marketing feature that justifies the power of artificial intelligence. But the huge payoffs are only beginning to emerge. Artificial Intelligence is now competent in automating virtually and logically all of your digital marketing campaigns. Blueshift report analyzed that 28% of the digital marketers rely on AI for their campaigns; 26% utilize AI to power their product marketing & campaigns.

According to a Survey, companies across the world spent a total of $6B in powering AI marketing throughout 2018. The one thing, that most of the companies who consider digital marketing as their successor truly admires AI and continuously follows its trend to uplift their business as it helps their marketers reach peer performance.

The “Chatbot” is a prime example of powering AI into marketing. Chatbots are only emerging as of now.

For eg: Some potential customer does an inquiry about your business at midnight and there will be no one to respond to that query, what next? The potential customer is lost. And surprisingly, we have chatbots who can respond to that query within seconds and that undoubtedly might turn that potential customer into a “customer”; and the fact that chatbots can answer thousands of responses within no time is indeed an astonishing discovery of channeling AI into marketing

Benefits of Chatbots (AI Marketing):

1. Being Present on Messaging Platforms for a prompt automated response

2. Improved Customer Service (Extensive Customer assistance, Always available customer support, Proactive Customer interaction)

3. Increased Customer Engagement

4. Monitoring Customer Data, Analysis & Insights

5. Better Lead Generation

6. Approach to Global Markets made easy

7. Cost Savings

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