Digital Analytical Marketing

Analytical Marketing Technique

Digital Analytical Marketing- A revolutionary Marketing Planning technique

Do you have a company website? Do you have Social Media Accounts for your business? Or do you have any digital platforms that you use for your business?

Well if you have any of these, than you are on a right track for bringing a complete new revolutionary marketing technique for your business.

So, what is an Digital Analytical Marketing?

Many successful companies who we know today track the preferences of their customers, keep the record, data on their likes, check-ins, engagement and other shared content on any social networking services. They even track the users and capture leads of viewers who visited their website and went through the different contents.

So, basically an Analytical Marketing is a technique on studying the data of the users who had an engagement with your company’s digital assets and later converting those data into specific strategies.

So, how does digital analytical marketing work? Concept of Marketing Analytics

This data yields meaningful insights about how consumers and users interact with companies thus allowing businesses to make wise, smarter and more calculated decisions. By calling into account of what customers does and doesn’t, collecting data about their online and offline activities, businesses are able to analyse individual consumers.

How is Digital Analytical Marketing implied?

Analytical marketing thus provides information that businesses in various industries can leverage to most of their advantage. Most companies who offer contents, offers, services, email lists, newsletters, or feedbacks collect information about their consumers and then they build large databases. They use these database to create segmented and sortable lists and implement on their business decisions going forward.

What are the basic requirements for Digital Analytical Marketing?

  1. See the insights from you business social media profiles or the websites.
  2. Integrate some analytical tools or you can even use third-party analytical tools available easily over the internet.
  3. Identify the users who have made an engagement.
  4. Identify the most pro-active users or consumers.
  5. Identify the most engaged users demographics (age-groups, gender, location etc).
  6. Create a database with proper sorting.
  7. Implement those findings on next marketing campaigns.
  8. For further more insights, create surveys, opinion polls, engaging contents.

Thus, rather than creating some new marketing campaigns every time you can go for analytical marketing, study the patterns of your users and design marketing campaigns as per that.

The concept of Digital Analytical marketing is still new in our country but once the companies start practicing this, this will for sure be one of the most effective marketing planning techniques.

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