aligning hr with marketing

Aligning HR with Marketing 2024

Aligning HR with Marketing

We all have been witnessing recently, how brands are emphasizing their presence across different digital platforms. And from the recruitment point of view, we can assume that the Recruitment has been tough considering the jobseekers lacking interest in a particular way.

One of the major concerns is how the jobseekers or potential candidates perceive your vacancy, company, or brand. Well, with everything transforming into Digital these days, the process of recruitment primarily opts for Digital platforms and has made it more than easier for recruiters than before.

Well, has anyone ever before thought about aligning HR with Marketing, or even Branding? Then, you need to start thinking about it.

Thinking off-the-box often gives you an idea about how you can unleash some new possibilities and exercise some new techniques that might eventually be helpful.

Here are some few techniques that you can implement as an HR or a recruiter to practice some effective “employer branding” techniques for maximizing brand value and acquiring quality Candidates Profile, aligning hr with marketing.

1) Use of Quality Content:

Well, In marketing, quality content is supposed to be the game-changer. Likewise, the use of quality content for maximizing brand value and recruitment will moreover give you an advantage.

Use appealing and attractive graphics: If you are posting a vacancy, then clearly work on designs by consulting with the Graphics Designer. Make sure you use proper dimensions and clear designs for the different platforms where you will be sharing the vacancy post. Thus, whenever a jobseeker scrolls and goes through your vacancy, he/she might develop an interest if he/she can get the information precisely.

Properly Formatted Contents: If you are simply announcing the vacancy in a plain text only, make sure.. you format the text where the information of vacancy is perfectly visible and readable to the viewers. Don’t make lengthy paragraphs.

2) Social Media Sharing

Well, never miss out on any Social Media platforms. Because users are present everywhere, who ultimately might be the potential candidate for your company. Set up a trend where your company’s vacancy announcements and presence will be found on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

3) Sharing Company’s culture

I guess, most of the companies are always celebrating some big occasions and are into events, programs, etc. Make sure you share them on your digital platforms to establish a brand value where the feeling of job seekers to be a part of such culture might get activated.

4) Tracking Personality & Behavior of candidates

Well, the Social networking transformation has made it easier for people to connect via different digital channels. You can always track their personality & behavior through their Social profiles and how they engage. You will also be able to note down their responsiveness and see their activeness. You can count it as a basic rating factor for the potential candidates.

5) Online reputation management

Well, online reputation management is a big thing today. Most brands seem to be active digitally and especially on Social media. You must like the fact that 54% of the total population is active on Social Medias and this must surely be one of the best places for brands to engage and establish themselves.

You can always set up a trend where your department or your co-worker shares the company’s values and elements through their social networking, persuading job seekers to be a part of your company.

6) Updating your “Career/ Current Vacancies” section on your website

Trust me, there are viewers out there who are always browsing your website and looking for relevant vacancies because that’s the most likely place which they trust since it’s directly coming out from the company.

7) Engage candidates through Email marketing campaigns.

Just like marketers using email marketing for their marketing campaigns, you can always run such campaigns with vacancy announcements and target potential candidates. The interested ones will surely respond to you. You can collaborate with your marketing team and set up email marketing campaigns for “Hiring”.

Use Email signatures as your heavyweight: Make sure to format your email signatures properly and attractively and let the receiver feel the value the brand brings in.

8) Identify the target audience

Just like the marketers do, you need to identify your potential candidates. You then need to strategically approach the platform where the jobseekers can be found.

9) Advertisements through Job Portals

The job portal is a perfect example of both branding and CV sourcing. You can promote your brand and at the same time find some quality Cvs.

10) Use of Keywords

“keywords” is a big thing in digital marketing. Unlike digital marketing, you need to find the right keywords and the right keyword combinations from which you will be able to acquire some potential profiles.

I guess these are some of the techniques which you can always implement as an HR or a recruiter. Aligning HR with Marketing/Branding seems to be a difficult task, but unless we start thinking out-of-the-box, it is quite possible with the minimal odds.

These are some of the strategies for aligning hr with marketing. Aligning HR with marketing is always a difficult task since both are two different domains and have their own functionality. But both of them has a unique proposition which can be powered together to bring the best for the company.

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