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I am an agile digital marketer with 10+ years of experience. I am a digital marketing trainer and digital marketing freelancer in Nepal. I have been a part of different industries and that is the reason why I got to know so many aspects of Digital marketing. As things work differently on different industries, so does the digital marketing. The strategies are different, the approach is different and that’s what led me to explore more, experiment more and see digital marketing from different perspective. 

“A digital marketing is not only about managing Social Medias, Its More than That, Its a process which never ends, you keep on exploring, you keep on learning, thats how it goes, there’s no any limit to digital marketing”

A warm welcome to everyone. Now, I would like to say something about myself. I am Prajwal Karki, a digital marketer by profession and a digital marketing freelancer in Nepal. I have spend around 10 years working in this field already. As I started, I didn’t have any idea about Digital Marketing but I just did whatever said and told. However, I started understanding the basics of Digital Marketing and that was it. That was the start of my journey in being a digital marketer.

This has led to me work with different local and international projects and thus I have been able to call myself a digital marketing freelancer in Nepal. Spending time across the internet trying to learn things to spending time at the offices among different industries helped me significantly in my growth.

As a digital marketing expert, I am proud to say that all of this is just because of sheer determination and passion. Nobody requires a set of knowledge to master a specific skill. I have been working as a digital marketing freelancer in nepal and I am ever ready to consult businesses with my services. One just need to start, start pushing themselves, start exploring, learning and growing. That’s what I did and I am proud to say that I am digital marketing service provider and a digital marketing freelancer in Nepal. I hope you enjoyed scrolling around and gained some valuable additions.

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The digital marketing industry is growing rapidly in Nepal. Digital marketing freelancers are in high demand. These freelancers are skilled individuals who can help companies with their marketing needs.

Digital marketing is a major part of any business today. The landscape has changed drastically in the last decade.

Digital marketing freelancers in Nepal are needed to help small and medium enterprise with their digital marketing needs. Not only can they provide expertise but also help them save money on hiring full-time employees.

Who is the top Digital Marketer in Nepal?

Prajwal Karki

Are there Digital Marketing Freelancers in Nepal?

Yes, infact Digital Marketing is best known for the opportunity they provide for Digital Marketers to be a Digital Marketing Freelancer.

Can you be a Digital Marketing Freelancer in Nepal?

Yes, you can be a top digital marketing freelancer while working your full time job somewhere else. 

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