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Why to Start Digital Marketing In Nepal – An Industry that is trending at the moment

Digital marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the digital era. It has an extensive scope in Nepal. It has a wide range of uses in every sector, including education, tourism, healthcare and agriculture. With the rise of Digital Marketing in Nepal, we have seen the rise of companies as well. Companies have taken their business to another level while it has also create huge employment opportunities.

If we talk about two areas on why to start Digital Marketing In Nepal, we can see these points below:

Digital Marketing In Nepal Has Helped business Rise

1) Digital marketing helps you reach your target audience more efficiently than any other traditional marketing tool.

2) You can track which messages are working for you through digital channels and optimize accordingly.

3) Digital channels are always on and available to access at any time throughout the day, or night; globally accessible to anyone who wants to engage with you; it’s always on!

Digital Marketing in Nepal has created countless employment and Career Opportunities

1) Digital marketers in Nepal have a platform to get an international exposure.

2) Digital Marketing Industry had the most vacancies announced in 2019 and 2020 which means in future the vacancies will be further more.

3) The Marketing professionals are also getting into Digital Marketing as most of the companies nowadays are seeking Marketing professional with an understanding about Digital Marketing.

4) The most important thing, you can start digital marketing regardless of whichever field you are and whatever age you are. Its very easy to start and once you start we will get to know so much about it.

Digital Marketing in Nepal is going to be the most on-demand job industry in 2022

digital marketing in nepal

Digital marketing is one of the most promising, lucrative and fastest growing industry in the world. Nepal has a fair share of social media users and is seeing an increase in internet penetration. Digital marketing is the process of marketing goods or services using electronic devices like computers, smartphones, tablets or digital television. Digital marketing has increased significantly over the past years with the advent of new technologies like smartphones, IoT (Internet of Things), Social Media etc.

So, what are the digital marketing scope in Nepal and what are the potentials of digital marketing in Nepal?

Nepal is an emerging market with a lot of potential and opportunities. There are many companies in Nepal who are making their presence felt in the global market. Digital marketing is the future of marketing and we need to start adopting it sooner than later. Digital marketing in Nepal has a scope that is much wider than how it is looked at globally. Digital marketing can be used to reach out to a wider audience, develop trust with customers, build your reputation online and also generate leads for your business.

Whether you have a business or you work in a Marketing Industry, you need Digital Marketing. Why? Because this is something that is going to get advanced in future and If you make yourself ready now, you are going to benefit so much from this. More than 80% Corporate houses are already into Digital Marketing at the moment because they have seen its scope. And more than 60% private sectors are there.

Digital Marketing In Nepal Facts (Stats by: Digital Marketing Nepal)

So far we have talked about the digital marketing scope of Nepal and I guess we are very clear about that. But, Did you know? Digital Marketers in Nepal has grown by 35% in 2021 compared to 2020. And this number is going to increased with time. There seems to be so much of opportunities in Digital Marketing in Nepal at the moment but as thing go ahead, this industry is also going to get competitive. The competition is going to get heavy.

So, what we have learned is that the scopes of digital marketing in Nepal are unlimited. The scope of digital marketing in nepal will keep on rising as new advanced digital marketing tools and techniques keep on rising and the manpower is needed.

digital marketing in nepal

Learning Resources

So, don’t you worry. There are lots of online resources for you to learn Digital Marketing. There are various Paid digital marketing courses in Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare etc.

But, if you are looking to learn from local digital marketing expert and trainer in Nepal, you can follow and check out these courses.

Digital Marketing Scope In Nepal

The scope of digital marketing in Nepal is thus countless. There are lots of areas within Digital Marketing that you can explore with and as said. Digital Marketing is a domain in Nepal which has just started trending and we cannot ignore the fact that this trend will go on in upcoming days. Anyone looking to learn about the scope of Digital Marketing in Nepal, I would recommend, you can please start. Myself, being a digital marketer can assure you about it.

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